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2P!EnglandXFem!Reader- 7 Minutes in Heaven or Hell
"And so, _____-chan will go in the closet with…"
He took the little ticket to the closet from my hands.
“Uh? Oliver…?”
A man stood up walking towards Gilbert and smacked him behind the shoulders.
“Did you  forget about me again? “
This man had wild pink hair and light blue eyes. Maybe you can say it was cute. But well... there was something more than cuteness. It was the first time you actually saw him, but you already loved the way he moved, the way his scent caught your nose and the way his blue eyes scanned everything… is it called… love at first sight…?
Your thoughts flew away when a hand patted your head.
“Hey dear, do you want to go in there or we’ll have to wait for you all day?”

As he gave you his first good impression, you gave him your first bad impression…
You stood up and RAN in the closet. Oliver stood a few seconds there, but then he moved and closed the d
:iconmyarmor:MyArmor 440 221
Flirting Master: BTT x fem!Reader
Flirting Master: BTT x Reader
Starring Feliciano, Romano, Roderich, and Matthew!
    Warning: I think there's only one curse word in here, but not any more than two.
“Mon cher, what do you even know about romance?” Francis asked.
You snorted and waved him off. “Pffst! More than you.”
“Really? More than me? The country of love and romance?” Francis raised his eyebrow.
“Okay, okay. Maybe I don’t know more than you, but I know enough for my date tonight.” You said.
“Date?” Gilbert and Antonio said in unison as they ran into the living room.
“Who the hell would date you?” Gilbert said and laughed loudly in his obnoxious, but cute ‘kesesesese.’
“Rude!” You snapped.
You threw a pillow at him, but Gilbert dodged.
“Chica, you have a date? With who?” Antonio asked as he sat down beside you on your bed. He hide his jealousy well behind his warm, friendly smile.
:icon16clevertaunts:16CleverTaunts 595 218
Germany X Reader ~Adoption: Chapter 14~
Your wishes weren’t met as you awoke to find yourself laying in Ludwigs bed.  It would have been easy to think you were still in that dream, but the lights and the modern adaptations gave away that you’d come back to reality.  
A sigh left your lips before slowly sitting up, your lower half tingling as though you had intercourse in real life instead of that dream.  Looking around the room and seeing that the door was closed, you could tell you were the only one in there.  It felt rather cold...  Especially when you looked to the other side of the bed and saw that the blankets were wrinkled.  Setting a hand up the sheets, you bit the inside of your cheek a little at feeling a soft hum of warmth there.  
This is where Ludwig was probably laying.  You thought to yourself, but instantly felt your face flare with a blush.  
You had sex.  It may have been a dream that was shared, or even a dream in a memory, but you had sex.
:iconmoongodesslover:moongodesslover 12 6
Germany X Reader ~Adoption: chapter 11~
~Luds P.O.V~
Getting hit with a large beam of magical light hurt the man, and he didn’t know why.  He was used to your magical outbursts from long ago...  As soon as the light died down and he could see properly, Ludwig gasped seeing you had passed out.  Your body limp on the floor.
Scooping you up into his large arms, he held you protectively against his chest as he walked to his father.  “Vas is going on??”  He said frantically.
The elder man just looked over your small form in Ludwigs arms and sighed softly before setting a large hand upon your cold forehead.  Ludwig looked at the man confused and worried, but sighed in relief when he spoke.
“She’s fine.”  He said bluntly before turning and shutting the door that had been opened.  “Take her to your room, i’ll explain on the way.”  
The two German men started walking up the steps then.  “(Name) has finally started letting her
:iconmoongodesslover:moongodesslover 63 24
RussiaxReader: Shy Little Bird part3
Russia's POV
I saw _________ pass out after Italy told her she was Siberia. I would have never believed it if it hadn't made sense. "Italy, how did you know she was a country?" I asked him. In the few days I knew her, I told her about my family, but when she tried to remember hers, it never came to her mind. She showed me a scar on the side her head that she hides with her hair. Italy stood there scared, "Well,um, I recognized her from before. She was very shy, even then. She was caught in a fight and hurt her head. She must have lost her memory then." I look at her. No wonder she seemed interested in my being a country. Germany looked at her then at me. "It looks like the meeting has been postponed. Russia, since she seems to like you zhe best. You help her vis her issue." France comes up next to her. "Aww, she iz zo cute when she iz zleeping! Why can't I help her?" he whined.
He finally looked at me and saw my angry face. "Kol,kol,kol,kol,kol,kol.." I chanted. France had a frightened
:iconsilver-song-shifter:Silver-Song-Shifter 102 193
AmericaxReaderxRussia - Bloody Love - Ch. 18
- Here you have the result - the doctor handed you an envelope and smiled.
You were at the hospital, after making the pregnancy test. You didn't want to buy one at the drugstore, and, even if you had bought it, if you really were pregnant, you would have to go to the hospital anyway. You sat down on one of the waiting room's chair and opened the envelope.
The result was exactly what you expected; you really were pregnant.
"I'm going to have a baby" - you thought, your heart pounding.
You sighed. It was time to call Ivan.
You called Ivan when you arrived home. When he called two weeks before, he gave you a number, but you didn't call him. You didn't want to bother him. You waited for a long time before he answered the phone. Finally, when you were ready to hang up the phone, he answered.
- (NAME)? - he asked.
- Yes, it's me. - you said. - I need to tell you something.
- Well, tell me.
- Now, listen. It's serious. This is going to change our lives, okay?
- Is it so serious? Really?
:iconblanche-sama:Blanche-sama 52 44
Mature content
Tudor!England x Lady!Reader LEMON :icontwirltheflag:twirltheflag 621 140
Teacher!America x Student!Reader - Dresscode (ch2)
You'd been distracted all day from first period on. Mr. Braginski had almost written you up for being so spacey.
And now it was lunch and your heart was hammering and you could hear it in your ears and your stomach fluttered, the sensation almost overwhelming enough to trip you on your way to Mr. Jones's room. You clutched a hand to your stomach upon entering the hallway, hesitating at the closet door. When he'd said to meet him "here" did he mean the closet or the classroom?
You got your answer when Mr. Jones stepped out to close the classroom door. He saw you and smiled, nodding his head toward the room in invitation. You smiled back shyly, entering with a shaky breath. "H-hi."
"You're late," he teased, walking over to his desk and writing something in Sharpie on a piece of binder paper. "This is becoming habit. Do you like keeping me waiting?"
Heart, shut up, you can't hear the teacher. "I'm sorry…I was finishing a chem test in Braginski's class."
"Ooh. Gotcha." He winked up at
:iconimwiththeunicorn:ImWiththeUnicorn 595 439
Mature content
Pirate!EnglandXReader Twisted Pirate :iconraphaelatheturtel:RaphaelaTheTurtel 345 223
Teacher!America x Student!Reader - Hero
February 14th brought as much pink-and-red heart balloons and hallway make-outs as you had expected, and first period hadn’t even started yet. The hallways were decorated for the Valentine’s Day dance, and you just stood outside Mr. Jones’s door, books clutched to your chest, blushing at the thought of who your Valentine was this year.
The two of you had had a cute, secretive relationship for a few weeks now, and gone on very discreet dates. You wondered if he had anything planned for today, but considering it was a school night, that was probably a no. Just in case, however, something happened during school, you had dressed nice; and by nice, I mean a nice, red, half-to-the-knees skirt and white half-calf boots. A white, fluffy long-sleeved sweater with a scooping neckline showed off only the straps of your red tank top.
You were still very anxious to see him, and waited impatiently outside of your US History class with your fellow classmates.
“Hey,” said
:iconimwiththeunicorn:ImWiththeUnicorn 434 137
Mature content
Teacher!England x Student!Reader - Valentine :iconimwiththeunicorn:ImWiththeUnicorn 321 148
Mature content
Scones England x reader part 2 :iconhetaliaxreaderlemon:HetaliaxReaderLemon 97 32
Mature content
Fake Police!AmericaXReader [Lemon] :iconshocky-shiver:Shocky-Shiver 407 169
Dark England x Reader Favorite
You woke up in an unknown room. You could feel swaying on the floor. You heard footsteps and shut your mouth and listened closely to their conversation.
"I dont see why we need another prisoner." Said a male voice. Your heart beat fastened.
"Pfft. I can have as many as I bloody want." This man sounded upset at the other's statement.
"I know. I'm just stating that we already have a good amount Arthur." The other guys said. The foot steps stopped.
"Well, I'm captain and what I say goes so  why dont you get your lazy arse back to work." Arthur said. You heard a slight 'yes sir' and then footsteps going farther away. You stared at the door as it's knob began to turn. It opened up and there stood a man with sandy blonde hair and green eyes. He had on on a red coat with golden buttons and a red captain's hat that sat on his head.
"You're awake." He said. You stared into his eyes afraid. Why did he capture you? He made his way over to you and sat next to you.
"My name's Arthur Kirkl
:iconnodokasfangirl:nodokasfangirl 185 133
~Christmas in New York~ *America X Reader*
~Christmas in New York~
*America X Reader X Child!England*
‘Drabble #14 from ‘All I want for Christmas’ series’
The pretty female straightened her bright red skirt from her two piece suit.She wore a plain ruffled skirt which ended right above her knees with a white cotton like material,a black leather belt at her slim waist and a shirt same colour as the down part,embracing her delicate curves perfectly,swollen from her shoulder to her arm,where the fabric caught on the (s/c) skin.
As a part of her suit,red and white stripped socks caressed gingerly the female`s legs,ending under her knees and kept together by a festive white bow,accompanied by a pair of high heeled satin black boots.Of course the fluffy red Christmas hat couldn`t be forgotten as it stayed proudly on the top of (Name)`s head,her (h/c) locks falling in delicate waves on her shoulders.
The female`s eyes sparkled in excitement as she waved her hand either in sign of welcome or goodbye
:iconvanillasuu:VanillaSuu 211 31
Father! Norway x Mother! Reader. Baby Daddy
   "No, don't, please!" Norway pleaded uncharacteristically to the small infant sitting in front of him on the grass. (Baby's name) was about to stuff a handfull of the green plant in his mouth.
   His child dropped the grass and looked at him with limpid blue, wide eyes that matched his own in color, as if to ask why he should drop such a yummy sustenance. "Good, baby." Norway cooed softly, if Denmark saw him right now, he'd never live it down.
    He glanced behind him, checking to see if Mathias didn't sneak up and take a picture like he did last week when he was giving the baby a bath and playing with rubber duckies to amuse the infant. That picture is currently framed and sitting on the living-room coffee table. No matter how many times Norway stole it, a new copy would show up the next day, just in a different frame.
    While Norway was checking for annoying Danish men, his child ripped some grass and stuffed
:iconskitsophraniac:Skitsophraniac 669 485


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If anyone out there, that thinks it a good idea that Ben Tennyson from Ben 10 and ChibiChibi from Sailor Moon being together.Like them dating or married.


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