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Papa!China x Child!Reader - Chinese Lullabies
"Kaoru! Put (f/n) to bed, aru!" your father, China yells.
"Noooooooooo! Don't leave me alone," you beg.
"It's late."
"But Paaaappppppppaaaaaa!"
Just then, Japan walked into the room. "Kaoru went to go see Iceland. He left a few hours ago."
China sighed and lifted you up. "Okay, aru, I will, then."
Japan nodded and went back to work.
China carried you up to your room. He placed you onto your bed and lifted the covers so that you could crawl under. After you did, he tucked you in. He turned to leave, but your arm shot out and grabbed his sleeve.
He looked over at you. "What is it, (f/n)?"
You looked at him, fear in your eyes. "I don't like the dark."
China gazed softly at you and sat on the edge of your bed. "Do you want me to stay here, aru?"
You nodded. "Can you sing?"
He was surprised. You would usually have Hong Kong or Japan sing to you if you needed it. You hardly ever asked him to sing.
"Yeah, okay, aru."
China cleared his throat.
:iconresistance33:Resistance33 249 84
Papa!America x Mama!Reader: Pride and Joy
You watched as you young daughter ran through the playground and slid down the slides. She was the most important thing in the world to you and you loved her dearly. Today was Emily's birthday so you decided to take her to the local park as your husband; Alfred finished preparing for her party. You wanted today to be perfect for your little girl, you only turn 6 once. Unfortunately her birthday fell on the day before the first day of school so finding guest for the party wasn't easy, but you managed to get a small group together to celebrate the birth of your pride and joy.
You pulled out your phone to check the time. It was noon; the guests were coming around 1 so you decided it was time to head home.  "Emily, it's time to go. Daddy and I have a surprise waiting for you back at the house." Emily came running over with a huge smile on her face. She knew about the party but neither you nor Alfred had told her what was going to be there. You took her hand and headed home.
~ Tim
:iconinfiniteangel24:infiniteangel24 214 69
England x Reader: Sleep talking
"Arthur….. Arthur…" you murmured quietly.
Your boyfriend looked up a little confused. It was a Saturday morning and he had woken up a few minutes before he heard his name being mumbled inaudibly. He turned to look at you but your back was to him.
"Love…?" he gently put his hand on your shoulder but to no avail, you still faced the opposite direction.
Little by little, words started pouring out of your mouth but mostly Arthur's name kept getting repeated between sweet little nothings.  He realized you were talking in your sleep as well as the fact that he must've been in your dream as well.
Arthur chuckled, amused by this adorable performance and felt special. He leaned in closer to get a better look, and saw a smile planted on your face while you were asleep. He brightened, thinking how cute his girlfriend was.
"I do…take Arthur Kirkland to be…. My waffley…. wedded.. husband.. oh Arthur….. I love…. I love you.." you said finally. He beamed, under
:iconjazzberryjinx:JazzberryJinx 616 426
EnglandxPregnant!Reader - Names Matter
“Here you are, love,” Arthur says, walking back into the room balancing two teacups on saucers. He hands one to you, “Now, are you sure you can drink tea? Because I thought-”
“Arthur, its fine, stop worrying. As long as I don’t have loads, it’s alright to drink tea,” you assure your husband as he kisses you and sits down next to you. You have had to tell him this every time he brings you a cup of tea lately. He offers you one of his scones from a plate he brought through a few minutes ago, which you politely decline. You had learned to live with his cooking but Arthur’s scones? The memory of them just made you shudder. You’ve never told him, of course.
“Alright. I just don’t want something going wrong or Arthur Junior to be addicted to bloody caffeine.”
You giggle, “What do you think I’m going to do, put coffee in his bottle?”
He laughs with you, “Well, not quite. You know what I meant.”
:iconmarshmallow-maraca:Marshmallow-Maraca 435 229
RussiaxPregnant!Reader - Names Matter
Sitting on the built-in window seat, you lean against the wall and watch the snow falling, snuggled up in one of Ivan’s sweaters, so large it practically hides the fact you’re nearly nine months pregnant. Typical, really, that the baby is due in the middle of winter. You just hope that the snow won’t be too thick and you’ll be able to get out of the house when you need to.
As you’re sat there, sipping your warm drink, you suddenly feel something be draped around your shoulders, and look up to see Ivan smiling as he wraps a blanket around you. “Better?” he asks, sitting next to you and looking out.
“I was fine, anyway, what with the fire going and the big sweater, but I guess this is a bit better, thanks, Ivan,” you say, truly warm now, maybe even a bit too hot? Still, you’re going to leave it on for a while just because he made the effort to go upstairs and get it for you.
“Are you sure?” he asked, “Because I
:iconmarshmallow-maraca:Marshmallow-Maraca 255 68
JapanxPregnant!Reader - Names Matter
“Here’s your drink, ________,” Kiku says as he places the two cups on the bedside table, smiling gently at you, “You’re feeling okay?”
You nod and smile back at him, sitting up a bit more as you push the laptop away from you. “Arigato,” you tell him, picking up a cup and sipping the warm tea, “It’s good.”
“I’m glad.” He takes a seat next to you on his side of the bed. Pochi, however, decides this isn’t acceptable and jumps up on the bed with you, nestling between you and Kiku. “He has rarely left your side since you became pregnant,” Kiku says, reaching over you to get his drink, apologising quietly.
“He’s a good boy,” you say, scratching the little dog behind the ear before he nuzzles your leg, head bumping against your rounded belly. “I bet he’s gonna be really protective over the baby, y’know. Just like you are.”
“I just want to keep y
:iconmarshmallow-maraca:Marshmallow-Maraca 360 150
Tooth Fairies by Saccstry Tooth Fairies :iconsaccstry:Saccstry 2,713 317 Triangle Love Part I by Blue-Feather-BF Triangle Love Part I :iconblue-feather-bf:Blue-Feather-BF 1,918 378 Uzumaki_Uchiha_problem by Kidkun Uzumaki_Uchiha_problem :iconkidkun:Kidkun 432 174 uchiha_uzumaki_problem_02 by Kidkun uchiha_uzumaki_problem_02 :iconkidkun:Kidkun 405 88 Uchiha-uzumaki's problem_01 by Kidkun Uchiha-uzumaki's problem_01 :iconkidkun:Kidkun 586 71 SasuNaru---+Cute+ by lovebaby SasuNaru---+Cute+ :iconlovebaby:lovebaby 263 28 sasunaru 1-3 by yaoi101 sasunaru 1-3 :iconyaoi101:yaoi101 560 34 Sasuke x Naruto Comic 01 And With Sakura by SasuxNaruYaoiLuvr
Mature content
Sasuke x Naruto Comic 01 And With Sakura :iconsasuxnaruyaoiluvr:SasuxNaruYaoiLuvr 2 0
Yandere Comic - No Means NO (ESP) by DancerQuartz Yandere Comic - No Means NO (ESP) :icondancerquartz:DancerQuartz 575 95 Yandere Comic - Amai's Happy End (ENG-ESP) by DancerQuartz Yandere Comic - Amai's Happy End (ENG-ESP) :icondancerquartz:DancerQuartz 508 142


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If anyone out there, that thinks it a good idea that Ben Tennyson from Ben 10 and ChibiChibi from Sailor Moon being together.Like them dating or married.


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